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We like to think we are different. We think differently, we act differently.

We believe every client is entitled to the expectation:-

  1. we will do everything we can, to achieve the result they desire, in a professional and cost effective fashion;

  2. we have the experience, courage, skill and conviction, to provide concise, accurate, and commercial advice, not hedging our bets, or protecting our own position; but instead having the confidence and belief in our ability to accurately assess, communicate and protect our client's position, to enforce our client's rights where necessary and to get it right, every time;

  3. their matter is the most important matter in our firm.

We believe in the work we undertake, and the wholehearted, unequivocal commitment we make, to each of our clients.

We believe in each other, and in each of our clients.  We demand the highest standards of everyone within our business at all times.

We embrace challenges and obstacles as opportunities.

We are absolutely committed to what we do and take great pride in always providing our clients with quality, timely, and accurate legal advice and services.


Rob Faraday-Bensley, Director

Andrew Harrison, Director

George Maggiotto, Special Counsel

Cameron Duncan, Senior Solicitor

Shay Campbell, Wills and Estates

Callie Worthington, Conveyancing Paralegal

Debra Aldred, Office Manager