New Ideas, Traditional Values

George Stott Bilbie, founded our firm on the same values he embodied his entire life.

He proudly described himself as the last of the old-style family solicitors.

Since 2003, Rob Faraday-Bensley and Andrew Harrison, have worked tirelessly to embody what Mr Bilbie stood for:-

  1. to always have a positive, upbeat, can do approach to any challenge life or work presented;

  2. to always place the greatest value on personal relationships in life and at work; and

  3. to bring skill, knowledge, creativity and persistence to the fore in overcoming any challenges that might be presented for our clients.

We remain inspired, and guided, by the example set for us by Mr Bilbie. 

Protecting our clients' interests, helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations, maintaining strict confidentiality at all times, in as cost effective and efficient a fashion as possible, will always be our primary focus.